Collection 1: Personally Recovering
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These 151 Questions and Responses focus on the following Topics:
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Suspicion (7)
Confronting (4)
Personally Recovering (57)
Discovering Affair after Spouse's Death (4)
Resources: Books and Seminars (2)
Definition and other Facts about Affairs (9)
Emotional Affairs (11)
Internet Affairs (8)
Workplace Affairs (16)
Why Affairs Happen (21)
Sexual Addiction? (3)
Preventing Affairs (9)

Table of Contents for all 151 Questions

How can I know if my partner is having an affair?
Does guilt lead to giving "signs" of affair?
Should I go behind his back?
Am I just as guilty?
Have you ever heard of such an affair?
Can I trust my gut that he's having an affair?
How can I trust him?

How do I confront?
How can I confront without being accusatory?
Should I make allowances for depression or demand the affair stop?
How can I get him to admit the truth?

Personally Recovering
How can I function when I'm so devastated?
What are the stages of recovery?
What are the stages of dealing with affairs?
How can we get through the initial pain?
Will antidepressants help the grief or just cover it up?
When will it get better?
How can I stop blaming myself?
How can I get control of my emotions?
How can I stop thinking about his affair?
How can I recover when divorce results?
Is it harder to recover from an affair with a friend?
What have I done to be treated this way?
How do you deal with multiple indiscretions?
How could he have had an affair?
Will the pain ever go away?
Is it normal to feel worse?
Why do I still feel so sad?
How can I get it out of my mind?
What can I do since I still get depressed after 7 months?
Is it common to need time alone during recovery?
What if the spouse who had the affair leaves?
How do I forget and move on?
How long does it take to recover?
Will my pain ever go away?
How can I find hope for the future?
How do you heal in a marriage without communication?
Do affairs leave a scar for a lifetime?
What are some "safe" vs. "loaded" words?
How can I shake the feeling that I have no value?
What can be done about the anger?
Why am I not over it after 2 years?
How can I deal with the triggers?
How do I stop obsessing about the affair?
What's the role of anger in recovery?
How do I handle setbacks?
Is it common to have setbacks?
Is recovery affected by the length of the affair?
What progress should I expect after 5 months?
Moving beyond obsessively thinking of the affair?
Is that all there is?
Is recovery time affected by circumstances?
What do I feel like something has died?
What are the guidelines to recovery?
Is the pain greater with a longer affair?
How could he love me and "choose" to have an affair?
How can I "forget" my partner's affair?
How can I more quickly get over her affair?
How can I regain my self-esteem?
How do I stay and recover after being humiliated?
What about sharing my feelings on the "anniversary" of his affair?
Does it take everyone 2 years to get over this situation?
Do things get better as time goes by?
Getting over it or getting out?
How do I get my husband to see the pain?
How do I get over this?
How do I get over my husband having an affair with my best friend?
How can I get closure?

Discovering Affair after Spouse's Death
How do I deal with discovering affair after his death?
Discovering affair after spouse's death?
How can I heal when learning of affair after his death?
How does one handle learning of an affair after his death?

Resources: Books and Seminars
Which books should I read?
Where can I find information about seminars to help my marriage?

Definition and other Facts about Affairs
How do you "define" an affair?
What constitutes an affair?
Is "oral sex" an affair?
What's the difference in a one-night stand?
What about a one-night stand?
Are some affairs worse than others?
How long do affairs last?
What is a "sexually-charged" relationship?
Are affairs becoming more frequent?

Emotional Affairs
How do you define and deal with an "emotional affair?"
"Emotional Attachments" Outside Marriage
Is it possible to just be friends?
What about "platonic" male/female friendships?
How can I deal with his "friendship?"
What about an innocent deep emotional relationship?
An 11-year emotional affair?
How can I get past his emotional affair?
Are emotional affairs possible?
Rationalizing an emotional affair as just "talking to a friend?"
What about severing contact when it's only an "emotional affair?"

Internet Affairs
Does the Internet bring on an affair?
Can you fall in love on the Internet?
What about his "online" relationships?
What can I say to him about his online "friendships?"
Is cyber-sex an affair?
How can I confront my wife's Internet affair?
Where can I find information about online affairs?
What about still keeping her email a secret?

Workplace Affairs
How can I deal with an affair at work?
What about affairs at work?
Questions about affairs at work?
How can I prevent having an office affair?
Why am I infatuated with my boss?
What if my secretary thinks of me as more than a boss?
How can I deal with the continued contact?
How can I cope with them working together?
Is it normal to feel so resentful?
What if he still works with the other woman?
When is it justified to live apart?
Still working with the third party?
What about workplace Christmas parties?
How do friends and coworkers deal with affair?
What about approaching a co-worker who is having an affair?
Who do I tell when the Boss is having an affair?

Why Affairs Happen
Why do affairs happen?
"Why" did he have an affair?
How could he have an affair if he loved me?
Is it possible to not know "Why?"
Can you "cause" an affair?
Is a change in roles part of the solution?
He never gave it any thought!?
Why does he look at other women, then lies about it?
How can he love me and have an affair?
How could he still love me?
What is the role of family of origin in affairs?
Do affairs happen in a "good marriage?"
What about affairs due to a "mid-life crisis?"
What ever happened to moral integrity?
Is "infidelity" natural?
How much does alcohol contribute to a one-night stand?
Are affairs more sexually charged than marriage?
What leads people to have an affair?
True Love!!???
Why did she have an affair?
Does he really love me?

Sexual Addiction?
Is he a "sex addict?"
Is it a sexual addiction?
What about an addiction?

Preventing Affairs
How can I prevent an affair?
Will he have an affair after we're married?
How can I stay hopeful about marriage?
Will he ever cheat on me?
Would my partner be able to cheat on me?
What about acknowledging attractions to others?
Should I be concerned?
Parents sharing sex information with their teens?
How to deal with teenage sex?

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