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Please Trust Me
by James Vaughan

Please trust me, so that I can love you freely.
I need your trust to grow; without it I cannot be myself.
Your trust sets me free...gives me strength...helps me open myself to you...
makes me rich...makes me feel ten feet tall...helps me accept myself...feels good.

I want to trust you. I will trust you if you care.
I need clear expressions of your caring for me.
I will trust you if you share...
I want to know who you are, what you feel, what you want,
what you think...about life, about love, about me.

I will trust you if you dare...
We will change and grow together if we are not afraid.
I want you to be part of my becoming.
I want you to take the risk of hurting me in order to help me grow.
I want to be part of your becoming.

I will try to accept you as you are and help you become who you want to be.
Please let me.
I will never hurt you on purpose, but I will run that risk in trying to help you grow.
I will make my trust known to you...
with my eyes...with my touch...with my presence...with my words.

My trust for you will endure over time and become stronger each time we renew it.
It needs to be renewed so that it will reflect the changes in each of us.
If I should lose your trust, the weight of the loss would lie heavy on my shoulders.
Yet I would still be richer for having had it.
I will not do anything knowingly that would cause you to lose trust in me.

If I trust you deeply, I will also love you deeply.
Trust is a delicate thing.
I may say or do something sometimes that causes you to doubt my trust.
Please share that doubt with me and check out my intentions.
I don't want to lose your trust.

There is no end to the depth of trust we can build.
Each time you show your trust in me,
my love for you grows deeper and I grow stronger.
Trusting you makes it possible for me to trust myself and others more.
When I trust my feelings and natural impulses and act on them,
things usually turn out better.
That's hard to do sometimes. Your trust helps me do it more often.

I need your trust now.
Time will never permit us to know each other completely.
But time need not stand in our way.
I have trusted deeply after four hours of sharing.
I have also found trust lacking after four years of working together.

I don't need to know everything you have been or everything you might become.
Let me know you now, and I will trust you now.
I know we need some time together, and yet our ability to trust
seems almost independent of time.

Trusting feels good...not trusting feels awful.
Experiencing deep trust with you makes me feel like...time is standing still...
we are touching something precious...
we are reaching out for the highest part of being human...
we are one with the universe.

I can feel your trust when you're not around...it feels like warm sunshine.
When you touch me gently you affirm your trust in me.
I need your touch. I want it. It feels good.

There is power in trust--awesome power.
I can do much, much more when I know you trust me.
I will stretch myself to keep your trust.

I want to be all the things that I can.
You can help me if you trust me. I hope you will.
As I learn more about myself, I will be able to trust you more.
Please help me learn.

Excerpted from Beyond Affairs, 1980, by Peggy and James Vaughan.

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