Why Did He Cheat on Me?
the truth behind why men stray
by Rona Subotnik

Rona Subotnik is an amazingly clear thinker and clear writer about the issue of extramarital affairs. This book, like all her previous books, displays a degree of understanding and compassion that makes it possible for those who are struggling with affairs to more effectively deal with the confusion and pain of their experience.

This time she specifically aims to help women get more understanding about why their husbands had affairs so they can get more clarity about their own particular situations in order to make the best decisions.

Frankly, reading Rona's work is like having your own private tutor guiding you step-by-step through a maze of confusion and pain. For instance, after giving the reader lots of information, she goes the next step to make sure you "got it" by offering quizzes and exercises at the conclusion of the chapters.

Her ability to rationally explain such emotionally-charged thoughts and feelings helps make sense out of questions that can be crazy-making to those struggling to deal with affairs in their own lives.

Best of all, rather than trying to tell you what decisions you should make about your specific situation, she gives you the information to help you better identify what fits for you—and then trusts you to use these new insights to make your own decisions.

In essence, she teaches you how to be your own expert. Not only does this provide the best help possible, but it also gives you confidence and helps rebuild some of your shattered self-esteem.

If you haven't read Rona's other books, I have previously reviewed two of them which you can read about here.
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