Sex Lives of Wives: Reigniting the Passion
True Confessions and Provocative Advice from Real Women
by Holly H. Hollenbeck

I never thought I'd review a book about "reigniting the passion," because I've always had a negative mindset toward books that suggest ways of "spicing up your sex life." I have consistently found them to be fairly unrealistic over the long haul of a lifetime marriage. In fact, in Making Love Stay, the book James and I wrote to help couples sustain a strong love connection (including a sexual one), we wrote the following:

We have been continually frustrated by the simplistic techniques offered in many books ... endless stream of suggestions for magically improving your love life—like having sex in strange places or going to motels with no luggage; gimmicks and tricks that make you feel foolish or embarrassed—like saran-wrap surprises, wearing no underwear, or talking dirty on the phone."

However, this book is not like most of these books—no doubt due to the fact that it's based on real experiences of real people rather than fantasy suggestions. In fact, it's the best I've seen in offering enough practical information to actually be helpful.

Here's what the book promises in its promotion material:

"It is full of fascinating, emotion-filled discoveries that will motivate and inspire us all to seek, rediscover and maintain the passion in our long-term relationships. [It offers] a unique set of real life stories, exploits, confessions and tidbits...because we can learn so much from the successes and failures of others!"

So if you're like most wives (and mothers) who feel they no longer have time or energy to devote to their "sex lives" (what sex lives, you may ask!), this book can provide some motivation and ideas for how to embark on reclaiming this important aspect of your relationship.

Disclaimer: I often review books without agreeing with everything in them. So I want to alert you to the fact that this book also includes some more extreme ideas (like involving a third party or "swinging," etc.) that I am not recommending, but most of the book focuses on very reasonable and realistic ideas for reigniting the passion in a long-term relationship.

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