First Aid For The Betrayed:
Recovering from the Devastation of an Affair;
a Personal Guide to Healing
by Richard Alan

This book was written by a friend that I admire and respect—and whose work I want to share with others who can benefit from his experience and his wisdom.

This writing is extraordinary and unique—for several reasons.
     First, because it was written by a man whose wife had an affair. (As you know, most first-person writing about affairs has been from women.)
     Second, it contains some of the most raw honesty about the pain of an affair that I have ever read.
     Third, it provides a great deal of hard-earned wisdom about the whole issue of affairs, particularly (as the subtitle suggests) in healing from the devastation.

Finally, I want to issue the same caution that I give to those who order Beyond Affairs, my own personal story:
"The material in this book is explicit and may evoke strong emotions. While it's extremely frank, it can serve as a catalyst for couples in dealing with their own experiences."

I highly recommend this book to anyone who truly wants to know what's it's like to deal with a spouse's affair—and to learn practical ways to recover and heal.

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