Torn Asunder
Recovering From Extramarital Affairs
by Dave Carder

I highly recommend this book (as well as the accompanying Torn Asunder Workbook). They not only provide a lot of excellent general perspective about affairs, but they give specific step-by-step guidance through the healing process.

As often happens in reviewing books on affairs, I can't be completely objective—in this case for two primary reasons.
--First, I know, like and respect Dave Carder a great deal.
--Second, we share the same emphasis on the importance of honesty and full disclosure (and we always like people who agree with us).

He even gives a nod to my concern about the "societal factors" that contribute to affairs, saying in the opening of the first chapter: "Infidelity is woven throughout the fabric of our culture. From television shows... to the pages of our daily newspapers, infidelity is all too common—and is being glamorized to our youth."

Dave is head of the counseling service for his church, so he obviously takes a "faith-based" approach to his work, but he's a "real person in the real world" and reaches out to all people who need this kind of help. He and his work represent the best in this field when it comes to taking a genuine interest in helping people effectively deal with affairs.

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