NOT "Just Friends"
Protect Your Relationship from Infidelity
and Heal the Trauma of Betrayal
by Shirley P. Glass

I had been aware of Shirley Glass's work for many years before I met her through a mutual friend. Then in 1999 we both presented keynote speeches on Preventing Affairs for the SmartMarriages Conference. Through the years we have been very supportive of each other's work, and I find that we agree on almost every point related to affairs.

I'm delighted that she has finally written a book for the general public. And I'm pleased to have contributed a quote for the back cover of this new book, which reflects my overwhelming enthusiasm for this important contribution to the subject of affairs. Here's my quote:

"Not only is this the most comprehensive book on affairs that I have ever read, it's the only one that completely reflects the reality of affairs. No matter how many other books you have read on this subject, I strongly encourage everyone to read this one. It is absolutely wonderful!"

This book makes a strong case (based on the author's research combined with her years of clinical experience) for the fact that "no marriage is immune" from an affair. This is precisely the message of caution that I wrote about in The Monogamy Myth—an understanding that is greatly needed if people are to learn how to prevent affairs.

She points out that "today's workplace has become the new danger zone of romantic attraction and opportunity. Most affairs originate as peer relationships, but people who are originally 'just friends' slowly move onto the slippery slope toward an affair."

She also notes that affairs do not have to be sexual, reflecting the extensive work she's done in exploring the significance of emotional (or non-sexual) affairs. This book, however, is not limited to dealing only with emotional affairs or with preventing affairs or with recovering from affairs. It addresses ALL these issues and more.

Sad Footnote: Shirley Glass died October 8, 2003. But her wonderful work will live on.

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