Beyond the Affair:
The Healing of a Marriage
by Loyd Kinnett

Those who are familiar with the first book James and I wrote will recognize that the title of this book is very similar. Ours was "Beyond Affairs" whereas the title of this book is "Beyond the Affair." We wrote our book in 1980, and this one was published in 2001 with no awareness of our book.

The title is not the only similarity. Ours was the story of our own personal experience in dealing with James's affairs, and this book also describes one couple's struggle to deal with an affair that affected their marriage. While James and I equally contributed to our book, this one is written by the "hurt spouse"—with the full support of the other spouse who contributes the Afterword to the book.

I do want to quickly clarify that the author of this book (despite her name being "Loyd") is the wife, and the personal experiences she shares in this book relate to "the healing of a marriage" after learning of her husband's affair. However, I want to point out that the helpfulness of such a book goes far beyond the specifics of a given situation. There are many universal issues confronting couples when a marriage faces the crisis of dealing with an affair. And this book provides an honest and candid review of the feelings, the struggles—and most of all, the hope.

Since I'm particularly supportive of people who are willing to step forward and share their experiences (aimed at helping others in similar circumstances) I want to help spread awareness of this new addition to the literature.

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