The Monogamy Myth:
A Personal Handbook for Recovering from Affairs
by Peggy Vaughan

I can't reasonably "review" my own book—but I felt it was important to include it in this list of books I "recommend."

Actually, I take great pride in this book because the ideas it contains come NOT from my personal "opinions" about affairs—but from having faithfully organized and reported the information received from the hundreds of people who shared their stories with me after I "went public" with my own story back in 1980. This allowed me to identify the general "patterns" involved in dealing with affairs and to get greater understanding of what "works" and what doesn't.

This book was originally published in 1989, with an updated edition in 1998 and another update in January, 2003. However, these "updates" required only adding material about online affairs, about our BAN Support Group and providing additional resources for help in recovering. There were NO changes required in the original material. The solid nature of the information in the book has stood the test of time.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to draw attention to the fact that while this book is a vital resource for those personally facing this issue, it is an excellent source of information and perspective for friends and family AND for the general public who could benefit from understanding more about this difficult issue that affects so many people.

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