Loving Midlife Marriage
by Betty L. Polston with Susan K. Golant

The audience for this book is a very specific one - as clearly stated in the opening sentence of the Prologue: "If you are married with children and over 45, this book is for you." I might add that it's also "for you" if you are (as I am) over 65 and married with children.

Actually, the subtitle quite nicely clarifies the content: "a guide to keeping romance alive from the empty nest through retirement." However, it's not restricted to "romance" issues or even to "couple" issues per se. It's also helpful in focusing on yourself as an individual, not just on the your roles as wife/husband or mother/father. (Yes, this book is for men too!)

And, since the author has spent many years as a career counselor, there's valuable perspective regarding the role of "work" in our lives - with special emphasis on dealing with the issues related to the absence of work at the time of retirement.

The best aspect of this book is that it not only describes the typical issues faced by married couples during this time of life, but offers practical ways of addressing them. It is filled with questionnaires, advice, and personal anecdotes. All in all, it offers an upbeat approach to enhancing the quality of the "Midlife Marriage."

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