Breaking Apart:
A Memoir of Divorce
by Wendy Swallow

Since I particularly value books that share the authors' personal experiences with the subject (in addition to offering their professional perspective) - this is one that I highly recommend. While the author refers to this book as a "memoir" of her own marriage and divorce, there are tremendous insights for anyone going through the trauma of deciding whether/when/how to leave a marriage - especially when children are involved.

In fact, the strongest message from this book is that both parents worked long and hard (5 years from separation to final divorce) in order for BOTH of them to maintain a constant, loving connection with their children. This process led to their eventually becoming better "friends" (and better parents) than they had been during their marriage.

While this book describes an ultimately positive outcome for all involved, it in no way belittles the importance of trying to maintain a marriage, especially for the sake of the children. And it provides an extremely useful service in highlighting just how unrealistic most people are when contemplating what's involved in a divorce, especially the financial realities.

Obviously, this book can be a resource for those going through the divorce process, but its value may be even greater when used to get more clarity about the realities of divorce BEFORE getting to the point of considering divorce. It also makes a good case for dealing with problems that could eventually lead to divorce BEFORE children are involved.

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