Why Do Fools Fall in Love?
Experiencing the Magic, Mystery, and
Meaning of Successful Relationships

Edited by Janice R. Levine & Howard J. Markman

First, a disclaimer: James and I wrote one of the many essays in this book, so it feels a little awkward to write a "review." However, there were many "relationship experts" who contributed to the book, and I would be remiss if I failed to acknowledge its publication.

As the subtitle suggests, this book is for anyone - single or married - who has ever wondered about the magic of falling in love and the mystery of staying in love. The book is divided into 4 sections: Magic, Meaning, Marriage, and Mastery and includes 32 separate essays.

It also contains numerous quotes from celebrities. In fact, the entire book reads more like a collection of magazine articles than like a typical book. This is true not only in the style of the book, but also in the essays themselves. Some are quite thoughtful and "deep," while others are somewhat lighter and less substantive.

Actually, the particular essay that James and I wrote is a combination of depth and lightness - in that the ideas and concepts we present are quite serious and significant, but our title is lighthearted. We called our essay "The Full Monty" - which we used to represent the full experience of loving on all levels: body, mind, and spirit.

To read an excerpt from the book, see: The Full Monty.

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