Human BE-ing:
How to Have a Creative Relationship
Instead of a Power Struggle
by William V. Pietsch

This is the best book on communication that I have ever seen. Whether within marriage, among friends and family members, or in the workplace, the understandings and the tools provided in this book can greatly increase your ability to communicate more effectively.

Human BE-ing was initially published more than 20 years ago. James and I were so impressed with it that we contacted the author at that time, and we have been friends all these years. The book has stood the test of time, and has now been re-issued. In fact, James wrote a quote for the jacket of this new edition, saying: "Don't be deceived by its simple appearance. This book is a classic."

The reference to its "simple appearance" is the fact that every page of the book contains line drawings illustrating the communication concepts being presented. This makes it extremely "user-friendly," and the illustrations allow you to actually "see yourself" interacting.

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