From Panic to Power
by Lucinda Bassett

I admit to being partial to "self-help" books written by people who have first helped THEMSELVES in dealing with the issue they are addressing. In this case, the author had lived a great deal of her life controlled by a serious anxiety disorder. Not only did she overcome it, but the solution is one available to everyone—because her newfound sense of inner security came from tapping into a source of strength right inside herself. (In fact, she now refers to her earlier anxiety as a "gift"—reminding me one of my all-time favorite books, "The Wisdom of Insecurity.")

Another reason I'm including this book in my Booklist is because I've known people first-hand who found it a source of practical help—and I've found it personally helpful as well.

For those who are tired of waiting for external circumstances to change in order to alleviate some of their panic or anxiety, this book can help them begin to change on their own. This book can help them learn how to think differently and respond differently to whatever circumstances might exist.

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