Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay
By Mira Kirshenbaum

The author is a psychotherapist who draws on years of research and her work with real-life couples to help people make the "right" decision (for themselves) - as to whether to make up or break up. In fact, this is what I like best about the book: that the author's approach to "helping" people is like my own. She does NOT tell people what they should do; rather, she provides perspective based on her insights into what works for MOST people and what the odds are in MOST instances.

I also like the fact that it is non-judgmental - and can serve as a trusted guide when you feel confused, ambivalent, and a little frightened about either possible outcome. Its strength lies in the fact that it provides clear and practical guidelines and questions to help you diagnose your unique situation and determine your own personal bottom line.

This book presents a systematic, step-by-step way to look at your relationship; it is pragmatic while taking into account the complexity of the inner struggles. By going through this process, you can feel confident that whether you decide to go or stay, you are making the best decision for YOU.

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