How You Can Restore Sexual Trust and Rebuild Your Life
by Riki Robbins

The word I've personally heard most often by those who are dealing with a partner's affair is "devastated." One of the reasons I like this book is because it uses as its basis the idea that "sexual betrayal is one of the most devastating experiences anyone can face." Another thing I like is that the author acknowledges her own firsthand experience in dealing with her husband's affair. (Since it is rare for those of us who write seriously about this issue to also share our personal experience with it - I appreciate that she has chosen to share this personal information.)

One of the strong points of this book is its emphasis on asking yourself, "What should I do now?" not "What did I do wrong?" She shows how this experience can be used to help yourself create a better future. She includes practical information about how to:

  • Confront your betrayer and get them to talk to you
  • Get the support you need from family and friends
  • Talk to your children about what has happened
  • Rebuild your self-image and learn to trust again.

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