Wake-Up Calls:
You Don't Have to Sleepwalk Through Your Life, Love, or Career!
by Eric Allenbaugh

When I first discovered this book back in 1994, I purchased several copies. (I tend to do that when I find a book that I think is exceptionally good, thinking I want to have it available to give to someone if/when the occasion arises.) Having done life-planning work for many years, I value the work of others along this same line. One of the other things I like about this author is that he talks "personally" as well as professionally—which those of you familiar with our Website know is our approach as well.

Anyway, we all get "wake-up calls" throughout our lives. Some are major (like, for me, cancer and my husband's affairs); others just "feel" major because they have a major influence on the direction we take in our lives. The primary "message" of the book is that we can shape our destiny by the way we use these wake-up calls. They provide an opportunity for us to rethink our beliefs, values, and priorities—and truly wake up to life.

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