A Survival Guide
by Don-David Lusterman

This book is written by a therapist who has previously written only for the professional community. In fact, one of the many benefits of the book is that he provides a section on finding a good therapist.

Don-David is an expert in this field—even serving as an "expert witness" on affairs in the high-profile murder trial of Betty Broderick (who killed her ex-husband and the woman who had become his wife, having earlier been his mistress). In fact, seeing his testimony in this case is the way I first became aware of him and his work.

Since that time, we have corresponded often and have met at conferences—as well as meeting as "couples" for dinner. He and his wife (like James and I) have been married for many years.

We share a mutual admiration for each other's work; and in fact, he provided a quote for the jacket of my book, The Monogamy Myth—and I provided a quote for the jacket of his book.

Here's a copy of my quote about his book:
"Don-David Lusterman draws on his years of experience as a therapist to provide extraordinary insight into understanding and surviving a partner's one night stand, philandering, or affair. He brings clarity to the many complex issues involved as well as offering practical suggestions, including the use of journaling. Dr. Lusterman goes beyond just helping people survive this experience to helping them learn from it and turn it into an opportunity for personal growth. This book can benefit not only the discoverer and the involved partner, but it also offers invaluable perspective for family members and friends."

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