"Free to Be…You and Me"
and "Free to Be…A Family"
by Marlo Thomas & Friends

I am personally delighted to see this 25th Anniversary Edition of the New York Times Bestsellers, combining Two Books in One. Originally published in 1974, this spectacular collection of stories, songs, poems, and illustrations is packed with enough inspiration to span several generations. The promotion for this edition includes the statement that "This reissue will appeal to people of all ages—those who remember reading it to their children and grandchildren in the 1970s and those who are exploring its illuminating content for the first time."

I can vouch for this because of my personal experience. Back in the 70s I read (and played the tape) of "Free to BE…You and Me" to my own children. Now I'm joining my daughter in sharing it with my grandchildren. (I also used it in workshops I was conducting for ADULTS during the 70s—because its message is relevant for EVERYONE.)

The New York Times Book Review deemed it "a positive, refreshing book for children and adults that tells you not who you should be..., but who you can be." Indeed, the concepts espoused by this book go beyond what is glibly referred to as "politically correct," and offer a simple, hopeful vision for humanity.

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