The Dance of Deception:
Pretending and Truth-Telling in Women's Lives
by Harriet Lerner

This book continues the pattern of providing sound thinking and sound advice that is typical of every book by Harriet Lerner, beginning with her first and best-known book, The Dance of Anger. Drawing on more than two decades of clinical experience, she provides guidelines for addressing the central challenge in women's lives today: truth-telling. Whether the subject is affairs, family secrets, sexual faking or the challenge of "being oneself," this book helps us to unravel the lies, secrets, and silences that affect our lives as women.

While this book specifically addresses "women," it can be beneficial for anyone-because deception is not a "woman's problem," or even a uniquely human phenomenon. We are all affected by lying and faking, by silence and pretending, by self-deception, and by sometimes misguided efforts to tell the truth. It's just that the culture "teaches" women to pretend rather than to speak out about who we really are and what kind of world this really is. This book teaches us how to widen the path to truth-telling for everyone.

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