Information about Lasting Love

While this site is primarily devoted to dealing with extramarital affairs, it also includes information aimed at helping couples sustain a lasting love. (This is very different from sustaining "hot sex" or the "romantic feelings" of new love.)

So I want to encourage everyone to look beyond the first romantic stage of love and get a clearer understanding of what's involved in having a love that lasts.

So here are some suggested readings about "Love:"

The Full Monty
This is a chapter James and I wrote as our contribution to a book by relationship experts.

The Changing Nature of Love
This is the first chapter from our book, Making Love Stay, that follows the progression of how love changes over time.

Making Love Stay: Everything you ever knew about love, but forgot
This book reminds us of all the things that make a difference in our love over time and includes an extensive list of tips for sustaining that love.

Keeping the Passion in Marriage
This is a piece about how the best sex comes from feeling free to be totally open to each other so that you really know each other.

Love is the Answer
This is a little inspirational piece about the need to make your primary love relationship a real priority in your life.

Please Trust Me
This is a poem James wrote many years ago that he initially published as a small book and then included in our book Beyond Affairs

Finally, here are a few more pages (more "romantic-oriented" pieces).

Skin on Skin
This is a poem James wrote, which is included in my book, The Monogamy Myth .

Valentine's Message— 5 "Tips for Expressing Love" (click on each # for the tips)
These are excerpted from Making Love Stay, originally posted several years ago for Valentine's Day and now a permanent part of the site.

Poems of Love
These are two poems (written by friends) that are permanently posted on the site.

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