SmartMarriages Seminars and Courses on Marriage

By far the best resource for information on seminars, courses and a wide variety of programs for improving marriage is the website. This is the site of The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education (CMFCE).

The site also contains an extensive Directory of Programs, Classes and Resources.
To see a list of ALL the courses around the country, you can Browse the entire Directory. Or to find listings by city, state or name, you can Search the Directory.

The Directory includes listings by the brightest names in the marriage education effort, as reflected by the name of the organization, "SmartMarriages." All of the organizations that are affiliated with SmartMarriages are excellent.

Also, to become better informed about the work of SmartMarriages (The Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education), they offer a Free Newsletter to which you can Subscribe.

Since I found the SmartMarriages organization to be the best available, it was the only one with which I was personally associated. James and I first conducted workshops at their annual conference in 1998, and the following year we gave a Keynote address. During subsequent years I presented at several additional conferences and also served on the Advisory Board for this organization.

Finally, please read my report of the 2005 Workshop at the SmartMarriages Conference where 4 of our BAN Coordinators spoke about their experiences with BAN.

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