Reading can Help Recovery

(This information was initially posted as a response to a question submitted to the site.)

I strongly encourage everyone who is struggling with the emotional turmoil of a partner's affair to read—a lot. That's because the emotions are so strong that it's very difficult to think clearly or make rational decisions as to how to deal with the situation. And reading helps to get the brain functioning in a stronger way to offset/combat some of the control of the emotions.

When you're under the stress of the emotional impact of an affair, your thoughts seem to be out of your control and your mind jumps around or dwells on the same things over and over. Even talking about your feelings can lead to more (understandable) obsessing about them. But getting your mind in gear through reading the words of others can help move the process along rather than leaving you stuck inside your own head.

Obviously, I feel that my books are among the best available on the subject of affairs, but I also encourage the reading of many books by other authors. For instance, I have written Reviews of 12 Other Books on Affairs—as well as Reviews of 30 Books on other Subjects listed by Category. (When you click on the name of any particular book, you can read my review and then use the link I provide to the specific page on where you can get more information and purchase the book.)

As for my own books, I offer Free copies of 8 of my books in PDF format here on the website. (Print versions are available at I also offer Free copies of 453 Q&A's in PDF format—organized by topic into 3 "Collections."

As for recommending one particular book over another (whether among my own books or the books of others), book choices are a matter of individual needs/preferences. I have tried to provide enough information about all the books (mine and others) to enable each person to determine for themselves which ones would be the most helpful/relevant to them personally.

As mentioned earlier, I have personally written reviews of some of the best books by other people (including links to—aimed at helping people choose the best ones for their particular needs. And for all my own books, I have posted descriptions and/or excerpts (often including the first chapter), and the Table of Contents. This should be able to serve as a good guide for choosing among my books.

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