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The Monogamy Myth opened my eyes to so many things that two years of weekly therapy did not accomplish. It's just all been so helpful, and I have read at least 25 books on the subject.

Your book is incredible! I have been talking to people, looking and searching for answers to my wife's behavior but have not been able to find what it was that I was looking for. You've answered every one of my questions. Your book was what I was looking for.

I would like to take this opportunity to tell how much I am grateful for having found your books. I am going through a very difficulty moment in my marriage in the last few months and your books are being like somebody holding my hands to help me to get out of a huge dark room. I am sure that I wouldn't find anywhere else so much comfort for what is happening and courage to persist in a marriage that I do not want to fail.

Peggy, you inspire me. Your book was part of healing our marriage. Thank you!

Your book The Monogomy Myth was extremely helpful in guiding me towards the understanding that it wasn’t my fault. I spent a long time beating myself up over that point.

It was not until I read your book that my pain was finally relieved. I have read your book three times and whenever the pain comes back I read it again.

Your book The Monogamy Myth is the only reason my wife and I are still together... on a long four day driving trip, we took turns reading the book aloud to each other and mutually discussing the subjects.

Of about 20 books, yours was by far the most compassionate, comprehensive, and practical. I thank you for your willingness to share your story and to investigate the truths behind affairs.

What turned me on the most about the book is how neutral it was. I was in charge of deciding for myself to stay married or get divorced, and how to live with the decision.

God, your book is so healthy. I particularly agreed with you on society's part.

I want to tell you about how I came upon your book. We had both gone to library desperate to find some reading material that might help us to work thru the mess we were in after my finding out about the affair. We were on our way out of the library, I was feeling helpless and desperate because there was nothing on the shelves for me to read. I was just about out the door (bookless) when I literally tripped over your book sitting by itself in the middle of the floor! To this day, I truly believe discovering your work was a divine intervention.

Thank you for providing the key ingredient in my recovery from the knowledge of my wife's affairs. The Monogamy Myth accomplished what our counseling fell short of. Your unraveling of the startling complexity of honesty...will be with me to the grave!

I have read about 20 books concerning infidelity in the past 3 months and found your book the "Monogamy Myth" the most informative and most interesting of all. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing it. I found the information and comfort I needed to move my own way of thinking to the next level.

I have noticed a profound sense of calm and acceptance since starting to read The Monogamy Myth. I read the section on why affairs occur and the attitudes towards blame… and it gave me a whole new outlook on the situation, and I am looking forward to moving forward and not scared of the future. I'm sure as I read the rest of your book I will find just as much help to recover and possibly save our relationship. I had lost hope in seeing a bright side to life, your book has given me the insight I needed to realize it was right in front of me all the time.

I just finished reading your book The Monogamy Myth. It was such a great help to me. It was like reading about my own life. All my feelings, thoughts, and actions were on those pages.

My husband and I have begun reading The Monogamy Myth out loud to each other. That's been a wonderful tool for us to discuss points in your book and relate them to our own situation.

Thank you for writing your book. I really needed something to grasp onto at the time, and it really helped.

The Monogamy Myth turned out to be the best book for me during my current situation. I felt as though each chapter hit head-on my feelings, concerns, & decisions. My life took on pain that I had never known. My self-esteem - in the toilet. There were chapters to help rebuild it. This book gave me understanding, hope, reality, positive outlet, release of pain and tools to help me sort things out to facilitate my outcome with my husband. My husband is now reading the book too. He is becoming to understand my feelings about his affair and how to help me and himself. This is a great book.

After reading your book, I feel like you're a friend.

I found your book to be very helpful in dealing with my husband's affairs after 20 years of marriage. I read your book more times than I can count.

I have looked at many books on this subject, and the way you share your wisdom in The Monogamy Myth is so far above anything else I have come across I cannot express enough gratitude for what you are doing.

I can't tell you enough about the relief and comfort that your book has brought to me since discovering my husband's affair.

Your book "The Monogamy Myth" has been a lifesaver.

I would like to thank you for writing your book. My husband and I found it to be the most valuable book we read. Your willingness to share your first-hand experience makes the book most helpful.

Your book has made such a positive difference in the way we handled `The Knowledge.' I could identify so easily with your writing and felt so understood and not so alone.

I have recently read your book—right on track, the best I've read, and I've searched and researched, digested and analyzed, still trying to assess and deal with my recent problem, adultery.

I purchased your book and it has helped me a great deal. After approximately ten readings, it has almost become a Bible to me.

The Monogamy Myth was the turning point for my husband and me after I learned of his affairs. I cannot say THANK YOU emphatically enough.

I bought your book and read it over and over again.

I am reading your book The Monogamy Myth and it is the first bit of helpful information I have come upon.

I enjoyed The Monogamy Myth a great deal. You offered some very comforting, insightful viewpoints.

Your book was the only one I read that gave me any hope, and I am sincerely grateful to you for that.

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful book! It was so well done, and even handed, and well-researched, and understanding and compassionate, and has been so helpful.

My husband and I read The Monogamy Myth together. I think it helped him more than myself because he is finally understanding how I feel about the affair. This book made him think and no more quick answers.

Your books are excellent, to the point, and most helpful, especially at this hour for both of us. It's simply all there, written in clear ink, and helps and confirms our past and present actions. I find myself reading the pages almost in 'biblical' fashion.

I just read your book for the fourth time. I think it's great.

I quickly went out and bought your book... I've read and reread it and underlined many pages.

My husband and I have just finished reading your book, and it is truly the best I have ever read on the subject.

I just finished reading your book. So much hit home.

I read your book and it was a Godsend to me, making me realize among other things that the feelings I had and the pain I experienced had been shared by thousands and thousands of others, and your realistic view of things were like a soothing balm on my wound.

Your book has struck a deep chord.

I bought every book I could find on infidelity and we read them together. The Monogamy Myth was the first one we read and probably the reason we are still together.

I finished reading your book a couple of weeks ago. Your book has given me the most insight of all the books I've read, and I've read quite a few.

Your books have helped so much. I still refer to them often. The Monogamy Myth really is the best book I have found to help make sense of this issue.

I knew when I was reading your book that you definitely had a clear handle on the subject.

I must tell you, from the viewpoint of a survivor of a mutilated relationship (after 25 faithful years), your book tells it like it is. My regret is that I didn't find and study it much sooner. Over the past three years, we've struggled and worked to preserve our marriage—no thanks to the `professionals' we tried to work with, nor to the overabundance of opinions written by the `experts.' However, my continuing to seek attitudes to make our situation livable led me to your book.

We both found your book on monogamy to be a very factual and meaningful statement on that subject.

I just finished reading your book. I don't know how to express my gratitude for writing such an inspiring dissertation on a subject that has plagued me for the past 16 years of my marriage.

I'm writing to you because I want to thank you for your book, which I believe has helped the very most in possibly preserving our marriage and our lives.

Your book has given me comfort many times.

Although after many hours of discussing it and reading on the subject, we were still grappling with even beginning to understand the situation, your book has helped a lot.

I have just completed reading your marvelous book and found it very informative and helpful to me.

I thank you for writing your painfully honest book and giving me the answers and support I so desperately needed. Your book will always remain in our home library and be shared when needed.

Thank you so much for your book. It made me cry and release some of the pain in knowing I'm not alone.

There were times when the words on those pages seemed to help me hang on to little pieces of reality. I've read some sections a number of times.

It is to a great extent due to reading and understanding your book that I have been able to come to terms with the affair.

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful book! It is definitely difficult to rebuild, but we are working on it every day. It was so well done, and even handed, and well-researched, and understanding and compassionate, and really it has just helped us so much.

Your books have been a tremendous strength for helping me to survive this. I am just soaking up the information. Thanks for the subject honesty!

Thank you for writing such a helpful book. It has helped my healing.

It was a very devastating experience for me. I read all the books and articles I could get my hands on to help me through this emotional time, and I found your book to be quite helpful.

I want to thank you for your book. I find it helpful and instructive in what is certainly the biggest crisis I have ever faced.

Your book has made the biggest impact on my life. I have been in therapy for six months, and felt I was not going anywhere. I feel so relieved after reading your book. You are so practical and use common sense to describe the make up of affairs. You have been there and know what it is all about. Realizing that I am not the only one who is suffering and that I can recover with dignity and with love makes me feel like a "new woman." Thank you.

I am so grateful that you wrote The Monogamy Myth. I couldn't imagine a successful recovery from affairs without it.

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