Affairs in the News
by Peggy Vaughan

Periodically (and predictably) the subject of affairs makes NEWS—usually when there's some high-profile case, often involving celebrities. Most of us are interested in the details of these situations. But instead of just focusing on the current stories in the headlines, we might use this as an opportunity to get a better understanding of the whole issue of affairs.

This site is committed to fostering more public discussion of issues some consider "personal," but which we believe to be issues in society as a whole. In keeping with that spirit, I hope you'll review some of the articles on this site that provide insight and perspective on affairs—for all of us:

  1. A good place to begin is with Our Fascination with Extramarital Affairs.

  2. Another good source of information is The Monogamy Myth.

  3. Next, try reading Why Stay with a Spouse who has had an Affair?

  4. And finally, How can Affairs be Prevented?

By carefully reading these articles, you may find that you have a different reaction the next time there's a story about Affairs in the News.

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