More Musings on Life
by Peggy Vaughan

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The essays in this book were written over a two-year period between May 2008 and June 2010. This book is a follow-up to my earlier book, Musings on Life, that covered the previous two years of similar writings.

As before, they are organized according to topics or themes rather than in the order in which they were written. However, I do note the month in which each article was written-since many of them refer to some current incident or personal experience.

Again, I want to quote from Douglas Hofstadter in saying that "I tell many first-person stories in this book...because it provides all sorts of examples that I suspect are typical of most people's lives."

I begin most of the pieces with a reference to something from my own experience, then broaden the focus to reflect on the larger issues involved, inviting you to consider how they impact you personally.

I again tried to write about issues that are universally relevant or meaningful-because the underlying theme of the book is recognizing and acknowledging the many things that bind us all together as people.

It's my hope that these writings will serve as motivation or inspiration for each of you to take time to do your own "musings on life."

Table of Contents
To read some excerpts, click on the listings with a *

Chapter 1: Perspective
  Perspective on Life
  Living Life to the Fullest
  Some General Principles to Live By
  * Slow Down
  Silence is Golden
  Everything Old is New Again
  It Couldn't be Done
  Lessons from the Olympics
  The Truth about Others' Lives
  Ain't it Awful

Chapter 2: Acceptance
  Unconditional Acceptance
  * The Masks we Wear
  What's in a name?
  The Impossible Dream
  What did you expect?
  Impulsive Personality
  Do you hear what I think I'm saying?
  Winning vs. Succeeding

Chapter 3: Changes
  Timeless Wisdom
  Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  Economic Turmoil
  Worst First
  What do you want to be when you grow up?
  Changing Old Habits
  Daily Routines Hard to Change
  What's going on now?
  You Can't Go Home Again

Chapter 4: Lifestyle
  Lazy Days of Summer
  Age of Anxiety
  Cool Technology
  * Maggie and Me
  Death and Taxes
  Money or Finances
  If only I'd known thenů
  Empowered to Do your Job
  Being Responsible Consumers

Chapter 5: Pleasure
  Laughter Makes us Think
  Summer's County Fair
  Music Makes the World go Round
  Finding Your Play
  Road Trips
  It doesn't look like the picture
  Rainy Days and Sunshine
  Too Cold
  Obsessed with the Weather
  * Sitting on Top of the World

Chapter 6: Love
  Divorce is not an Option
  Make Someone Happy
  Inspiring Love Story
  * Lasting Love
  On Being Loved
  Trust can be Romantic
  Love Will Keep us Together

Chapter 7: Family
  A Testament to Fathers
  A Remarkable Man
  Family First
  * We are Family
  The Importance of Families
  Family Ties of Compassion
  The Last Move

Chapter 8: Women
  Woman to Woman
  * "I'm Sorry"
  Capable at Any Age
  Women Today
  Tribute to Strong Women

Chapter 9: Body
  Body Maintenance
  Taking your Medicine
  Dealing with Doctors
  Body for Life
  Me and my Shadow
  Better Health with Dr. Oz
  Eat Real Foodress
  Born to Run
  The Numbers that Really Matter

Chapter 10: Mind
  Using your Whole Brain
  Love that Kindle
  Educating all our Children
  Our Education System
  Education is Powerful

Chapter 11: Meaning
  The World is Flat
  The American Crisis
  Politics and Religion
  Winning and Losing
  Come Together
  World Peace
  The Best of Times, the Worst of Times
  Call to Service
  The times they are a-changin'
  Fascinating Facts
  One World
  Where All Things Belong (Revisited)
  Beyond Race?—Not yet
  Make the World a Better Place
  The Message of "Avatar"
  The Power of Mother Nature
  * What's Wrong with this Picture?
  What's Wrong with this Picture?
  Only the Good Die Young
  One Planet, One People

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