Reflections on Life
by Peggy Vaughan

At the close of each year, it's wise to do some "reflecting"
and "take stock" of where you stand in your life.

Reflecting on the past—as well as focusing on the future—requires getting more clarity about where we are in life and where we're going. While we don't have full control over the course of our lives, we have far more control than we usually exercise. Much of this is because vague thoughts/hopes/dreams float around in our heads, but we never get enough clarity or organized thinking about them to take the actions necessary to move toward those goals.

I'm a great believer in "living in the moment." (By that I do not mean "living FOR the moment, but living with awareness and mindfulness of what's happening at this moment in time.) This focus will help you be more mindful of your own life in terms of how you're living each day—as well as the degree to which you are "Living Your Life by Choice Instead of Chance," which is the subtitle of The Life-Planning Workbook James and I wrote many years ago when we first began doing "life-planning." (To find out more about our life-planning work, visit our website dedicated to that effort at

My wish for each of you is that you find personal peace and that you take charge of your life to the greatest degree possible, knowing that you can do more than you might think to change the course of your life if you take time to thoughtfully reflect on the past—and to actively work toward a better future.

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